Monday, August 22, 2011

So Darn Much Going On!

In all my life, I never dreamed I could be as busy as I have been these past couple of weeks. I just told my brother on the phone, "Whenever I think back, I tell my past self to stop my dang whining because I didn't know how good I used to have it!" :) I gave my best efforts to getting this story done, and I just don't feel good about rushing to get it posted when it isn't in tip-top shape yet. It's close and I am going to post it tomorrow morning! The compliments and critiques I recieved last week made me soooo happy and challenged me in such good ways! Thank you! Thank you!
Just wait until school is back in session and I can get rid of my kids without having to tell them eighty-million times to give me some space and some quiet and to please understand that this is important to Mommy. Pshhhh. You lose kids entirely when you try and explain that something is important to someone besides them. :) Anway, the school year is going to bring lots more posts to this blog and lots more editing time to my novel!
Please check back tomorrow!

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