Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Controversy... *Shiver*

I am not a controversial person. I have strong opinions, but I’d rather keep them to myself or vent about them to Ryan Edward than get in an argument with anybody about them. Does that make me a peacemaker or a wimp? There’s a line, that’s for sure. I don’t think that an argumentative person is a strong person. I don’t think that a blunt/rude person is a strong person. Some people appreciate “never having to wonder” what someone is thinking. I find well kept thoughts and opinions are sophisticated and attractively mysterious. Also, it’s so cringe-worthy when someone gets all huffy about something she isn’t even well educated about and she makes a complete fool of herself. Like when I grouchily accused David Lettermen of cheating on his wife and then someone informed me that she wasn’t officially his wife at the time. I still don’t forgive him though. I just sheepishly wish I had worded it differently.
I’m thinking a blogger who only writes about rainbows and unicorns loses a lot of interest, while someone who writes controversy has lots of readers… most of whom hate them at least a little bit. ;) What type of blog do you prefer to read?
Are you ever opinionated on facebook, twitter or blogs? Does putting your controversial opinion out there into cyber space make a difference? Are you convincing anyone? Are you trying to? Is the goal to find people who feel the same way you do so that you can feel validated? Does anyone ever get lasting validation from having people agree with them?
I like the argument that it provides interesting discussion. I think open-mindedness points to intelligence. I promise you will always find me open-minded to the thoughts you bring to this blog.
As a lover of Happily Ever Afters, I must say I still wouldn’t read a book of all fluff. Even in the sequels, when they ALMOST make you believe that the girl and the boy have some unexpected (or lurking but ignored) obstacle that could never be surmounted, or that the love triangle guy might actually have a chance, they do perk my interest. I can’t wait to see how boy one will simmer with jealousy, how main character girl will cry with devastation, and just how that darn couple is going to manage to get through it all to an ending that satiates us until they’re introduced to new problems in book three.
Ryan Edward thinks a little controversy would be good for me in life. He thinks I shouldn’t care quite so much what people think. His form of therapy is to try and get me to start altercations with complete strangers out in public. He figures it makes sense to practice on people we don’t know. In effect, he’s trying to toss me into the deep end of the ice cold pool to prove to me that it won’t kill me. I tend to take the stairs and inch myself in one excruciating dip at time. Actually, I like the hot tub…. But I’ll give this a shot.
I’m going to explore controversy in my writing. Tomorrow, I’m going to publish a highly argumentative blog post entitled “Pirates Aren’t Sexy”. That’s right. Just let that nervous, energy course through you in anticipation. Tomorrow, I’ll convince you all that this:

is not as hot as you think it is. So there. Take that. In your Fahizzle.
You don’t want to run into Ryan and I in the grocery store tomorrow either. You don’t know what I might start next.


Emily said...

You're a ninja girl, aren't you Ms. Amie...I've got you pegged you little pot stirrer ;)

That said, I think controversial opinions on cyber space can be tricky/dangerous because it does leave such a permanent footprint. Really, that's one of the dangers of involving yourself in "the cloud." Everything is permanent, and almost anyone can dig it up. What we post and say online can be so easily misconstrued (as our family has figured out on facebook), feelings can be hurt, jobs can be lost, relationships can be ruined. So, while I think controversy is good because it has the potential to make you think, we also need to be ready for any repercussions...you ninja lover ;)

Amie said...

Thanks for your opinion Emily! I agree completely. Our family has had some facebook controversy, but in the end I really like knowing a group of diverse people and hearing different opinions. I wonder if ninjas are sexy...
Next blog post??? :)