Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Contest Winner!

Thank you all for following and commenting! You are wonderful and I so need your encouragement! I wanted you all to win a million pillows. That's about how many Ryan Edward sleeps with at night. He might could go so far as to call it "work". :) He has to test the merchandise I suppose. He's definitely an expert. His pillows are taking over the world!!!

No matter who won the contest, I would be thrilled and have something wonderful to say about you, even if I don't know you. Your comments all got me in the Christmas spirit, whether you were commiserating or reminding me of the magic of Christmas! Jullie- I feel the EXACT same way about the Christmas letter... and could add to it! ....Let's go for a walk and talk the whole time just about that! ;) Christy- I laughed out loud that you let Bruce off the hook so that you didn't have to spoil his good mood! I love it! And Kelly- you brought back some really embarrassing Christmas video memories of me singing Celine Dion, badly, and with much emotion to my new CD player on Christmas morning as an early teen. Ah- the things that exist on camera that never should.

The winnner of the latex pillow iiiiiiis (drumrollllllllll):

Stefanie Ewer!!!

I put all of the names in a bag, some twice, and I drew out the little paper that said, "Stef". Now I will tell you why we should all be happy that she gets a new pillow. She is a blast to be around and she is so kind. We don't see each other very often anymore, but when my Dad passed away she brought flowers to my door. I will always remember that, because often times (like almost daily) I think of doing kind things for people, especially if they're down but it takes a LOT to actually commit, spend time and thought get something for them, then go out of your way to bring it to them, see them, hug them at the door, and ESPECIALLY to give condolences, because so often people don't know what to say. I think she did something spectacular when she did that! I hope she or whoever she gifts the pillow to sleeps as though on a cloud (if that is, indeed, a good thing. To me, it is!).

I had good intentions of posting more often, but Christmas is all consuming right now! If I don't get to say much until January know this: I'll come back with a vengeance!!! My Januaries always need something fun to focus on.


Stef said...

Amie, you just made my day!!! And not just because I won, woot woot!!! Can't wait to hang with you tonight.......

Jana said...

Humm, I think it was fixed!


Grandma Sony said...

Congratulations to Stef - because I agree with your comment about the good intentions thing and then carrying them out - enjoy the pillow.