Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby Steps

You know how on TV and movies you'll see someone who's afraid or in a crisis say, "I can do this." I say that every day in real life. All the time, I whisper to myself, "I can do this." Even more often I grab two handfuls of my hair, close to the scalp and say, "IcandothisIcandothisIcandothis!"
Today has been the pep-talky, whispering kind of day because it could be a big day for the writer in me. There is a local group called the League of Utah Writers. I don't know much about them, but tonight I'm going to find out a lot more. I feel a little like Nancy Drew... or more to my liking- Veronica Mars. I've been watching that show on DVD. What a cool, stylish and snarky sleuth she is.
I kind of like that I'm documenting this. Other writers are totally experienced in sharing their writing with others, getting and giving critiques, but they had to start somewhere. They were all here once, and everyone who wants to get to where they are, will be here at some point. Tomorrow you'll read one person's take on this experience!
Shhhh. I can do this.


Jullie said...

I hope that it went great tonight!

Fran and LaVar said...

So exciting, Amie! I'm so proud of you. Those other writers are going to be very lucky tonight because they get to meet YOU!!! Love you, Mom Leonhardt

Grandma Sony said...

Just keep in mind how many "followers" you have already - those of us who love you and your ability to put "our" feelings and words on paper.

Melanie Fowler said...

Welcome to the club :) I hope you stick around.