Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Little Thing Called Self Control

Have you seen this hilarity? I've been thinking about this comedian's material because I'm guilty of it. Life is so easy and convenient. When I get tired from exercise, or overwhelmed from cleaning my house... I get SO put out! This stuff isn't supposed to be easy, Amie! Not everything is easy! Not everything is fun! It hurts to have a cavity filled, but is it good for you? Yes. You lift weights, you're sore the next day, but is it good for you? Yes! You go without chocolate, you crave it and get grumpy, but is it good for you? YES!

I'm so used to everything feeling like fantasy land that I don't even want to struggle anymore! I wouldn't give back one convenience of modern technology, but this is me being tough on myself in the name of my New Year's Resolutions.

Amie, the idea of failing at getting a book published is scary. The idea of succeeding at it is scary too. Honestly, the picture of me sitting at a table eventually, signing my name on books for people and trying to make myself believe that I'm worthy of someone wanting me to sign my name on something? Terrifying. And crazy. I know. I think most authors dream of people wanting their autograph, and that idea is scary to me. But you know what? So is getting a cavity filled, so is working out hard, so is going without chocolate... oh that's just too horrific- let's not go there. My goals are hard for me. If they weren't, they wouldn't need to be goals. Being tough on myself is necessary sometimes.

Life is so wonderful that we could almost believe that being the least bit uncomfortable must be a bad thing. Truth is: discomfort makes us grow. I sorta wish I had my own personal drill sergeant. Run soldier! RUN! Clean soldier, CLEAN! Edit soldier, EDIT! I'd hate him so much... and he'd be so good for me. Ryan Edward is probably willing to do the job, but I'm thinking that wouldn't be great for our relationship. ;)

How are your resolutions holding up? And are you ever afraid of success? Or am I unusual and in need my own personal therapist as well? I have suspicions I might be. (You know, I would LOVE to hear your comments even if there's bad grammar or misspelled words. Or just one word. "Like!" I'll know what you mean, because I facebook. :) It doesn't matter that this is a writer's blog at all. Your comments are really just for interaction- or encouragement. :) "LIKE!"!!!!)


Montana Wilkins said...

I sat down with my husband on January 1st and we made some good goals. Some of them we're doing okay on. Some of them we haven't even started yet. (Does that count as NOT failing??? I wish.)

I love how you talk about being scared to succeed. I absolutely have visions in my head of all I could be and want to be, but then there's that piece of me that blurs the lines so that the vision stays a little more dream-like than the reality it could be. It's like saying you'll never fall in love because that way no one will ever hurt you. It's not truly what you want.

I think we can find a cheering team for ourselves if not a drill sergeant. I will totally want you to autograph your book for me. And remember? We've never actually met, so this is coming from someone outside your family and friends fanbase. Keep editing because I can't wait to read whatever it is you've written!

Grandma Sony said...

Just keep up the good work - and know that you have to courage to try. If we never try - we never fail - but we never succeed either. So keep on keepin' on - and we'll be following and cheering you on !

Jessica said...

Wow! The video!

I was just listening to this the yesterday and kept thinking about your brave and honest blog and your writing pursuits:

(especially the part about the guards at the entrance to Buddhist temples).

They also mention Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, and if you haven't heard of it, you should check it out.

And, I just need to say that you have a gift. Keep going!